Behold internet. I give ZERO fucks.


There are no words to describe how wonderful it felt knowing I was on the other side of the fucking world. If there was one thing I do regret when I turned 30, it was that I did not travel enough. I love airports, meeting new people, eating strange foods, doing something stupid and dangerous, taking a shit load of pictures until my camera battery died; so when I say I am doing more of this shit in my thirties I mean it.

I am traveling again next year. What I won’t do is posting so much pictures on social media. Looking back I realized I was on my phone all the fucking time. Have you tried watching porn on 2G network at two in the morning? I was losing my mind. I won’t make that mistake again. (I meant, next time, I will download the porn to my phone or tablet hehe).

Also, one of my stops will be in Dubai. However, it will be a stop over so I doubt I’ll be able to leave the airport and take good pictures.

January needs to be here NOW.



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