Hello. It’s Me. No. I’m not Adele

Hello Lurker! I’m Renie (at least to the people that love me haha). So why start a blog? For one, it’s my defense mechanism to cope with whatever bullshit moment I’m going through at the moment. I have to warn you; I have a dark sense of humor. I’ll try to keep it PG-13 but then again who the fuck is reading this?

So last week I had dinner with a good friend of mine from college. Sometimes I look at her and think why does she like me so much? I have a filthy mind. I have yet to expose her to just how dark my soul can get. She is so compassionate and innocent that I can not bring it to myself to corrupt her soul. Motherfucker. It has happened. I have matured. So yea. She was the reason I started this blog.

I suck, epically, at a million things, but writing is not one of them. I do not claim to be gifted but I entertain people with my writing, so I do have some talent. Right? I don’t expect to make money off of my writing but if it brings a smile (and the occasional orgasm) to someone, then my writing was not a waste of my time.

So have a nice day lurker.


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