Renie: Self-Deprecating Queen

The one thing that irks me is when someone who is physically fit tells me he or she is fat. Why the fuck are you telling me your fat when I’m fat? I have a self-deprecating sense of humor, so when my best friend pointed that she had a double chin on Snapchat, I couldn’t help but point to her what fat is. The conversation went like this:

  • BFF: I have double chin
  • Me: You do not have a double chin.
  • Me: You want to see fat?
  • Me: Fuck it. Never mind. I don’t want to traumatize you.
  • BFF: Traumatize me! Traumatize me! (lmao)

Do you know what happens when your fat, reader? It occupies your ENTIRE BODY. Fat is not prejudice, seriously, there are certain shoes I can’t fucking wear. I decided to keep it PG on Snapchat because the last thing I needed were things to get weird between us. Moments later I sent her this Snapchat.

  • Me on video: You see this? This is holiday ass.(pointing at my butt) This is the ass I give you because I feel bad for not giving you head the other night
  • BFF: LMAO how many hills you climb girl to get that booty?
  • Me: Omg….

One of the best things about my friendship with her is that she knows the difference between when I’m putting myself down or when I’m just self-deprecating. There are a few times people tell me, “Irene, why are you putting yourself down?” and my reply is, “but I’m not”. Sometimes I wonder if I have taken it too far or I’m just not that person’s cup of tea. Remember that reader. It doesn’t matter how nice or funny you are, not everyone will vibe with you and that’s okay.

Time to go. It’s a Sunday, 5:22 Am. I hear the beach calling me haha.



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