Annoying Stereotypes: Fat People

I’m a big girl. I fucking love to eat. Shove a medium pizza from Papa John’s towards me and it will gone in ten minutes or less. Being a big girl I hear all sorts of bullshit from people. Some of the stupid shit I hear is: Why don’t you exercise more? You need to cut carbs, you would be so much prettier if you were skinnier, etc, bitches I have heard it all. Dear assholes, here are a few things you need to know about fat people.

  • Some of us actually do exercise. Why we continue to stay fat is none of your fucking business so quit asking. If you’re big, run 2 miles, and gobble a huge plate of nachos afterwards, bitch I aint gonna judge you.
  • A lot of us have an active sex life. People will still be attracted to big ass and titties until the end of time. Why the fuck would you slap a girl with no ass? Makes no sense to me. When I get butt slapped on Christmas, I feel loved 😀
  • I don’t understand why girls over size eight can’t be considered beautiful and carry confidence. Hello, have you meet Adele, America Ferrera, and Rebel Wilson? Their gorgeous, funny, and more successful than all the assholes lurking on the net.

I’ve also changed my perception on vanity since turning 30. For awhile, I never had a problem with being a big girl until an asshole pointed something obvious about my weight. I do think I’m attractive on most days. Lately, I’ve been working out because of some deep, painful, personal issues. It’s no longer a number games for me. It’s whether I walk out of the gym feeling elated and accomplished.

If you’re a big person and are thinking about doing yoga. Follow Dana Falsetti on her webpage and instagram. She really can help you overcome the hesitation with starting a yoga regimen especially if you’re a big person.


One thought on “Annoying Stereotypes: Fat People

  1. People love to signal virtue by telling you what they THINK they know about diet/fitness (ie. “you need cardio” “you need to cut carbs,” et al.). When I was large I used to think that these suggestions were indictments of my lifestyle and ability to be healthy, when they’re usually more about validating the person giving the suggestion than helping the subject of it (you). And you’re right: you can’t let that stuff get you down.

    If you’re big and happy: great. If you have no desire to lose weight, “live on and I’ll do the same.” I only recommend people re-consider nutrition/exercise if they’re putting themselves at health risks because of their size. However, the role of friends and trainers/consultants should be tools towards progress, not the instigators of it.

    Best of luck to you.


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