La La Land and then Reality…

I don’t know how to describe how much I love this movie. Come on, how can you not like Emma Stone? And Ryan Gosling..

The movie was bittersweet, but to me and my friend, it really did open our eyes about how much our dreams mattered.

I watch it with one close friend of mine. We had reconnected last year and our bond has become stronger ever since. The movie got under our skin to the point of us singing along on I-95 without a care in the world. But something also happened; we lost our interest to do something crazy. Reality seeped in, we remembered we were adults, and we decided to return to my home.

I had a great evening, anyway, because she still fighting for me to continue to write, create, and just be crazy me. This is one friendship I will not let go. Turning thirty taught me the value of friendships and I need my friends to get me through the pain I’m still experiencing.

Before this turn to a sappy, nauseating post, I am going to bed.

I have another adventure that starts tomorrow.

Until then reader,



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