Evening Thought

They say that if a friendship lasts for more than seven years, it will last a lifetime.

That is bullshit. 

Fucking bullshit, man.

Turning 30 two years ago gave me a rude awakening about friendships. 

  • People show their true colors when you hit rock bottom.
  • If you have a friend who says “text me when you get home”, knowing that they live far from you, they are worth keeping.
  • It’s okay to miss a friend who no longer is in your life. For whatever reason it didn’t work out between you two, it doesn’t mean the love you have for that person will completely go away especially if you have a lot of good memories with him or her. 
  • You come first. Sorry, but you need to set up boundaries because some fucking people do not know what the hell that is.
  • There will be a time when you ask, “why am I friends with…?” If your answer says something like, “I feel used..blah blah”. My advice: turn your back on him or her.
  •  No one is worth risking your sanity. Who cares if you have been friends for decades..if that person brings out the worse parts of you—drop them out of your life!

Sorry for the depressing post. I found an item in my house and it triggered a lot of angry emotions. I’m burning it tomorrow.


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