Willow it has been two weeks since you left me….

I miss you baby girl. Your death has made me really sad but I know you are in a better place. I use to not believe in the idea of heaven. But someday, when I pass away, I hope you greet me on the other side. You will probably smack my face for being away for so long; however, Willow darling, I have no intention of leaving this miserable earth any time soon. I have some unfinished goals that need to be accomplished. Please be patient little one; I’ll be by your side before you know it.

I promise you Willow that:

  • I will always keep you in my memories. You will be alive in my imagination forever.
  • No one will replace you. Even when the day comes I get a new pet, he/she will know they have so much to live up to.
  • I will live a good life, have many adventures, be compassionate.
  • Try again and open my heart again to people. It hasn’t been easy Will, giving what happened in the last few years. But remember Ging, Will? I saw her last weekend and she made the world less darker. Whenever I was around her or you, my cold exterior would be gone. I need to find more people like you guys.

It will be week two today without you Will. I’ll cope I promise. Be good little one and try to get along with the other cats in heaven lol.

~Your mommy Renie.


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