Exam Week

Leave to me to have my final exam on Friday, on Cinco de Mayo. I might get shit faced or not but I will see the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. Come on, how can you not love Baby Groot?

My brother has more exams than I do but he’s doing his best cope. He has come a long way since two years ago. Those fucking doubters about me and him, let’s just say their not in our fucking lives anymore. Just because someone is going through a difficult time doesn’t mean you should write them off as a failures. It’s beautiful to see him work hard on his studies, its beautiful to see him make new friends, and its beautiful to see him try and be a good person.

As for me, I’ve been on this recovery road before. The difference is I am older. I am more patient, empathetic, and my tolerance for drama is ZERO. For the exception of my father, I have no drama with anyone. I am learning to trust people again. It’s fucking hard work, but life is not a cruise ship filled with good times; that ship can drown before you know it. Last night I cried before I went to bed, praying that this summer I will make it and accomplish a difficult goal.

Have a good day reader. Take of yourself.



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