The Case for Sense8


Two years ago, I returned home depressed, angry, and alone. While I recovered Netflix released a show called Sense8. For someone like me, who thought the world was just an awful place to be in, the Wachoswkis created a beautiful, optimistic, piece of art.

The premise itself intrigued me. Eight people, from different backgrounds, languages, and even sexual orientations, from around the world, begin to share a psychic link. One scene had a man in Kenya being attacked by gang members. He was saved by a Korean woman who takes over his mind temporarily and kicked the living shit out of all the dangerous men. I cheered and woke up my cat.

All these eight characters are lovable. Even Wolfgang, who not only is part of the criminal world of Berlin, but can also be kind and help out Lito (who I say is the funniest character on the show) in his time of need. The two men are so different, but Sense8, manages to make their dynamic work. When Wolfgang killed a rival gang with a rocket launcher, Lito cheered. I cheered. Haha.

There are some amazing action sequences.

These characters are smart. These characters are people I want in my life if they existed. Yes even that psycho Wolfgang can be part of my squad.

Did I mention the sex scenes are hot and beautifully shot?

So please Netflix gods please allow this show to return for season 3. I am a patient gal. If it takes two years for the show return then so be it.

And besides…2019…will be amazing year for me too 😀


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