Baby You Got This

My friend is pregnant and for some strange reason I dreamed that I held her newborn daughter at the hospital. In real time my friend isn’t even due until July so I find dreaming about her daughter a bit surprising.

Did I mention the kid is half-Japanese which guarantees that she is going to be a gorgeous baby? What can I say? Asians make cute babies.

I used a dream dictionary to find out what the dream meant.  I was not shocked what I learned. It had to do with new beginnings and goals. Like I said in previous posts this summer is going to be challenging. What I found comforting was that I was going to reach my goals but some major obstacles up ahead will come first.

Story of my fucking life. Whatever. Game on fuckers!

Can I also mention my little brother (okay maybe not so little since he’s much taller than me) made to Dean’s List? I am not shocked that he made it but I am amused by his reaction to the whole thing. Next week we see Alien Covenant with our two friends at the IMAX Theater. This might be one of the dumbest ideas I’ve had for a long time.

Ciao internet!




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