Starting Over

I made some changes to this blog. I looked at my past posts and notices two things. One, where the hell was my sense of humor? I get that I was depressed on some days but I wish I can go back in time and hug myself and say, “cheer up chubs you’re going to be fine”.

(FYI it is so hard to write when you hear Donald Trump give a commencement speech on television. Liar in chief, get the fuck out of the podium please. These kids don’t need to hear your lies).

Two, there is no consistency on my blog. What niche am I aiming for? My two friends are active on social media. One is focusing on health and fitness the other made a Youtube Channel for vegan food. I am so proud of them. They inspire me to stay focus.

I guess for now I’ll try and write about my experiences without making it nauseating for some people. After all, my title for my blog is Renie Philosphie: Or How I Plan to Survive my Thirties Without Blowing my Head Off.

Have a good people.



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