In Defense of Older People:

I’ve lived in the great land of America my whole entire life and I am upset at what it has become. It seems like when you reach a certain age, like forty, or even thirty, you are no longer valuable to society. If you are being interviewed for a job, and you are old, chances are you won’t even be considered to be hired because of your age.

My father, for example, has worked in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and both east and west coast of America. He wasn’t hired because he was over qualified (seriously he should have been CEO of some company like decades ago) and old.

You know how lucky you would be if you hired my dad? I’ve known him to work weekends without getting paid over time. And FUCK YOU to his boss for treating him like crap the last few years he worked for that company. My dad should have had your job, jerk.

In my experience, the best students were the older students. Since I’ve been back to school last fall, I made it my mission to work with students older than me. (I’m 31). They are more responsible, disciplined, and even times, more compassionate.

I must go now and stuff my emotions at Whole Foods (its been a stressful week)

Bye bye





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